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True art lovers study in detail each stroke of the famous artists. And those who are into studying art from various perspectives go into the depths of the artist’s psychology to understand their frame of mind when creating the painting. Yes, all creative people are known through their art, no matter what it maybe.

Their biographies tend to be pieced together on the basis of understanding the pictures they create. Some students of art have been able to deduce important personality traits of artists based on all their works. And having referred to their actual biographies has realized how accurate they have been.

However, this is more so possible with the general artists from across the globe. However, with one major faction of Indian art, it can only be appreciated and worshipped, but nothing of the artist can be understood. Essentially, Indian art is regarded as spiritual art, because through their creations most artists through the ages have worked on depicting the Gods, as well as scenes from mythology, on their canvases. Yet, there are numerous artists, through the ages who have also created unique pieces of art based on their creative imaginations.

There are a number of art galleries in India. However, the numbers have been increasing in recent years, ever since a growing interest in the various forms of art has been developing amongst the urban populace. And in many places, especially the metropolitan cities of Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkatta, as well as the mini-metros such as Art galleries in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, etc., one needs to book an art gallery months in advance.

Interestingly, there are an increasing number of people investing in Indian art. This is because people are realizing the resale value of any reputed artist. And if not in this lifetime, people can leave a rich and very profitable heritage of art for their children and grandchildren.








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